Samsung AV
integrated campaign

The Future of Smart TV – Samsung AV 2012 Integrated Ad Campaign

Working as a UI Designer with a small team of creatives, we pieced together a microsite, banner campaigns and pre-rolls for the 2012/2013 range of Smart TVs and HiFi. We had the muscle of Olympic Medalist, James Magnussen, to draw attention to these stunning entertainment devices. 

Samsung AV Microsite

Samsung briefed us with creating a site to launch their Smart TV and HiFi range. They wanted something stylish, modern and restrained. We went for black and white. The site was hosted in a sub folder to their main site but was hard coded in html/css to allow for more creative control than Samsung's CMS could offer. 

Tim Van Martin Microsite Samsung

Pre-rolls featuring James Magnussen

Working with an Art Director and Product Manager, I sketched out storyboards and formulated a script that would utilise Olympic Medalist, James Magnussen as an effective advocate for Samsung. The creative outlined the four key benefits of the Samsung smart TV range; connectivity, access to content, interactivity and superb picture quality. 

Smart Interaction
Smart Picture
Smart Content
Smart Connectivity

Animated banner campaign


Animated banners were created and displayed through major digital media publishes; Fairfax, News Corp, etc. I worked with Marketing, and the studio's Creative Director to produce the storyboards, copy, photoshop files and then creation and deployment of the banners. There were 42 different banners produced in a variety of sizes, formats and messaging.


The CTR of the banners was between 0.015 - 0.019%, with hundreds of thousands of impressions. The success of the campaign helped the digital agency win further work from Samsung that I also worked on, including microsites for the Samsung S4, The Slate 7 PC, Samsung Gamer PC, Samsung Washing Machines, loads of EDMs and content for Samsung's main website,,au.