2015 Mobile Medics Survey

Princeton Digital needed data to help its Business Managers make a case for producing digital products for healthcare professionals. Not being able to find any such data readily available, Princeton Digital took on the task of conducting quantitative research.

Since 2010, Princeton Digital has reached out to doctors and specialists to find out how medical practitioners were using mobile devices and native applications in their field of work. 2015 marked the 5th year of the survey, with over 1000 clinicians participating over that time.

Each year the results are presented at the annual Digital Pharma Seminar hosted by Princeton Digital for Pharma Marketers. Wanting to present something more engaging than a Powerpoint full of bar graphs, I was tasked with producing an animated presentation of the results. I also took care of the administration of the survey including the design and distribution using Survey Monkey and MailChimp.

The results confirmed that clinicians do use their devices regularly in their work. I put my copywriting and illustration skills to work on the script and created a series of animated characters to tell the story of how doctors use their mobile devices.

The presentation was well received at both the Sydney and Melbourne Digital Pharma Seminars and shortened versions (shown above) have been regularly used by Princeton Digital Business Managers to make a case for developing mobile apps for Pharmaceutical companies.