Branding for Melbourne’s
new pharma think tank

Creating a brand to connect pharma marketers

I was tasked with creating the branding for MPM – Melbourne Pharma Marketers, a group developed to help professionals working in pharma marketing connect with other marketers, digital wizards and big thinkers in the industry. 

Orange was chosen to cut through the sea of blue, blue, green, blue that almost everything else connected to healthcare is branded in. It is fresh, warm, harmonious and energetic, and aims to inspire big ideas.

Conceptualising connectedness in pharma

The logo's mark is a molecule and represents the science behind the pharmaceutical industry. It is also fashioned after the ubiquitous share icon, thus communicating the idea of connectedness and sharing that the networking group aims to deliver. 

Whilst designing a business card was not part of the brief, I did anyway to help the clients properly visualise how the logo would look when applied to real life objects. I also mocked up a home page and EDM. These mockups proved to be useful in helping the client choose a design and colour scheme they knew would work.

When it came time to send an EDM out to announce the first MPM meeting, I was able to use one of the mockups I had already designed and go straight to coding in HTML.

The branding for MPM was well received with the first guest speaker Russel Howcroft providing positive feedback.  

Creating options

Developing the branding, I created numerous sketches and mockups, I narrowed the concepts down to four different versions. To see how usable the branding was, I created mockups of various web pages and EDMs for mobile and desktop, and of course some business cards. From there the process was really simple – the concepts were presented to the client, they picked their favourite and requested a few minor changes. Pictured below are some mockups for the branding concepts that did not make the final cut.