A fintech startup for Australians to check their credit score and find finance

Brand design, UX/UI design

In July 2014 I joined a tech start-up tasked with building a new financial product, a new brand and responsive website. Backed by Aussie Home Loans and Commonwealth Bank, we built a website that allows users to check their credit score and credit history whilst getting access to a tailored marketplace where they can compare credit products. As the sole designer on the project, I had a rare opportunity to develop the layout of the website and design the identity of the brand symbiotically.

Crafting a Dynamic New Brand

Collaborating with the Director of Product, Marketing Director and other stakeholders I set out to start building a brand that would look contemporary, and be accessible and appealing to a wide demographic.

I aimed to create a distinctive brand with its own personality that would cut through the same-sameness of the Australian Financial Services Industry. Green features heavily, which is colour that is synonymous with positive things such as growth, peace, security and sustainability.

The brand’s colour palette was created as the UI elements were being designed, and it went through the rigours of accessibility testing with the aim of producing something that is bold, balanced, and of course, legible.

Keeping the logo as simple as possible, I set out to create something that could work in a variety of situations, creating a concise system of logos for different applications. The use of three “thought bubbles” is significant, as the philosophy of the brand is based on three core beliefs – transparency, insight and personalisation.

Responsive web design to maximise lead generations

I was fortunate to work in a creative team the respected and embraced the creative process. Starting with rough sketches and hundreds of post-it notes, we went through the paces of organizing the information, honing the sign up process with A/B testing and then nutting out the fine details for mobile, tablet and desktop in photoshop.

In 2015, the website was awarded Financial Services Standard of Excellence by the Web Marketing Association, was a Silver Award Winner in the W³ Awards and gained over 100,000 members in its first year. 


Reinforcing the brand with unique illustrations (that I made!)

The Marketing Department had some very specific criteria for the brand's imagery. We could not get a general consensus or budget for stock photos, so I relished the opportunity to draw some some illustrations. Working closely with the Marketing Department I developed a series of colourfully illustrated scenes and characters in Adobe Illustrator. Having a set of vector elements allowed us to easily utilise and support the brand's colour palette. It also provided a great deal of flexibility for using the assets on ad campaigns and motion graphics, etc.


Animated explainer video

Having already created a comprehensive library of vector assets, piecing together an animated video was a simple process. Working with the Head of Marketing, we sketched up a storyboard for an animator to use.

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Client: Credit Savvy, Aussie Homeloans, Commonwealth Bank
Role: Brand Designer, UI Designer, Illustrator
Awards: Financial Services Standard of Excellence – Web Marketing Association. Silver Award – W³ Awards