UI/UX Designer
Creator of useful and engaging experiences

Thanks for checking out the portfolio of Sydney based UX/UI Designer, Tim Van Martin.

Currently, I am the Senior Designer at Princeton Digital. We build digital products to assist healthcare professionals. We also build digital mechanisms of support to help patients on their journey with their condition(s). It is a great privilege to be creating things that people find useful.

Having focused my design career on learning about digital solutions, I have helped clients achieve their goals through native mobile applications (iPhone and Android), responsive websites, microsites, eDetailers, eBooks, eCommerce sites, intranets, EDMs, Digital POS, ad banners, pre-rolls, mobile games, augmented reality, motion graphics, branding and illustration.

Collaborating with other tech experts has been invaluable, but I have also enjoyed working autonomously on many projects.

Design ethos

I design for the user first, and we are lucky to live in a time when that is championed so much. Really, it means keeping your designs clutter free and simple, and mapping out a clear (and enjoyable) journey for the user to fulfil a need they have. Hopefully along the way it symbiotically fulfils the business’ needs too. 

Research is essential, learning about the technological underpinnings of the project helps guide the design process. Researching users is also essential, and getting those users to test the product is too.

Yes, I am a unicorn (of sorts)

Working in smaller agencies means wearing a lot of hats (some silly ones!) and this has furnished me with many skills. I have mastered design software, wireframing and prototyping software, coding HTML5 and CSS3 and have a rudimentary understanding of PHP, JS and JQuery. I have used WordPress and Bootstrap to build many sites. More importantly, being tech savvy has helped me solve complex problems and find different options for clients with limited budgets and timelines.

I do not quite consider myself to be a developer, but learning front-end code has been really useful for working collaboratively with developers, and also helped some digital agencies out of a few tight spots.

Technology, and how users interact with it, is constantly changing, and I enjoy keeping my finger on the pulse of new developments.


My weapons of choice.


Seven years of UI/UXpertise 

Wisely I moved into digital early on in my design career. In my life previous to being a designer, I worked in insurance and prior to that science and engineering. My previous experience in different roles, in different industries has proven to be very useful in interpreting briefs and figuring out the needs of different clients. 


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