UI Designer
with a passion for UXellence!

Helping prostate cancer patients track their fitness and connect with other patients for support

A fintech startup for Australians to check their credit score and find finance

My Gut Instinct
a support program for IBD patients

Welcome to the portfolio of Sydney based
UI Designer, Tim Van Martin

As a UI designer, I have been fortunate to work on a wide variety of projects aiming to solve some interesting problems — such as introducing consumers to the latest tech, showcasing the latest fashion, helping people check their credit history, compare loans, buy a home from a plan, invest in shares, consolidate their superannuation, get a good deal on a forklift, find service stations, fly to exotic locations, drink more soft drink, design a burger, monitor their diabetes, drink wine responsibly, think positively about their body whilst showering, take their medication, learn about their illness, connect with other patients and more!

In short, I’ve helped businesses connect with everyday people, to achieve many things. I've helped businesses grow.

This portfolio shows just a small number of those projects — the most recent projects that I have played a lead role in.

I've colaborated with these fine companies

I've worked in digital agencies, freelanced, worked in-house and worked for startups in their infancy. Throughout my design career I have been fortunate enough to partner with these businesses:

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